Survey Methods & Data Wrangling

Hi! My name is Pablo Cabrera Álvarez and I do research on how to design better surveys at the University of Essex, where I work at Understanding Society, the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study. There, I analyse experiments to test strategies that maximise survey response such as using different contact modes or monetary incentives. The aim of this research is to preserve the quality of the data collected while making optimal use of the available resources.

Although my research focuses on survey methodology, I occasionally work in the areas of sociology of science and public opinion.

My research interests cover topics such as panel survey methodology, response maximisation strategies, statistical inference, public opinion and Rstats.

I hold a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Salamanca (2021) and, previously, I worked as a survey statistician designing samples and weights, as well as developing methodological innovations. I sometimes write articles and posts on public opinion, polls and elections.

Latest Publications

  • Cabrera-Álvarez, P., Hornsey, M. J., & Lobera, J. (2022). Determinants of self-reported adherence to COVID-19 regulations in Spain: social norms, trust and risk perception. Health Promotion International, 37(6),

  • Cabrera-Álvarez, P. (2021). Datos administrativos agregados y estimación a partir de muestras no probabilísticas. Revista Internacional de Sociología, 79(1), e180,