Survey Methods & Data Wrangling

Hi! My name is Pablo Cabrera Álvarez and I research on how to design better surveys at the Institute for Social and Economic Research of the University of Essex. There, I am part of team that delivers the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study, Understanding Society. My main focus is on the effects of survey nonresponse on data quality in longitudinal surveys, where I explore the effectiveness of different response maximisation strategies. You can find some of my papers here.

I also work on other research projects where I design survey data collection protocols and do data analysis. At the moment, I am collaborating with the Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology in designing the Survey of Social Perception of Science and Technology. I sometimes write about public opinion, polls and elections.

Research interests. Survey methodology, response maximisation strategies, statistical inference, public opinion and Rstats.

I hold a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Salamanca (2021) and, previously, I worked as a Survey Statistician at NatCen Social Research, an independent social research agency based in London.

You can find a list of publications on my cv.